Boy Oogling (not ogling)

Because Oogle is more fun to say

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We Oogle at The Boy Boys
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This is a community for those of us who like to look at humans of the male gender. Mainly the really hot ones. Pictures are completely encouraged and kind of the reason for the community.

An LJ Cut is this HTML Tag: <**lj-cut text="Your Text Here"**> just minus the '**'.

To post a picture, use this tag: <**img src="Address of The Picture Here"**> again, minus the '**'. Geocities, Angelfire, and Tripod will not let other people link to pictures that are hosted on their websites.


-No pictures of women, unless they are next to the hot men, but the hot men must be clearly visible

-Respect others and their opinions of what they consider to be a 'hot guy'

-No biggoted remarks (i.e. be nice to the gay boys, the creator of the community is one)

-If you're going to post more then Three (3) pictures in a post, please include the rest behind a Cut. If any pictures include content of PG-13 or above, you are required to put all of them under a Cut. Failure to do either will result in One (1) warning via comment, and if a cut is not placed within 2 hours, your post will be deleted. Sorry folks, but many people check Livejournal at a workplace/school/library and such content is not appropriate.

This community was created by neonethos, any questions or comments should be emailed to him. His email address is listed above.

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